The Glover’s brand is about products that accentuate your food, allow you to enjoy the next bite or sip, and define what is an American Original is.


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Our “Sauce for a Cause” Initiative focuses on giving a portion of profits to nonprofits that make a difference for veterans, children and young adults.  Call us about your benefit or fundraiser as well.  Go online to send bottles to family and friends. $1.50 of every bottle goes to the cause of your choice.

About Glovers

Glover’s Pepper Sauce LLC was started in August of 2013 with an order from Whole Foods, and a membership to Union Kitchen (  In the beginning, I made only one sauce that fans and many of the chef’s in Washington DC found to be positively addictive.  I am grateful to all those who pushed me to never stop, my fans who love what I make, and the artistic passion that my family passed down to me.  My wife and I and our team began at a special place, a members’ only commercial kitchen incubator, the now famous Union Kitchen.  My first client was Whole Foods, the local program, and in the months that followed, I developed three more table/cooking sauces, a dry rub, a spicy vinegar, a Bloody Mary mix,  and a soon to be released tomato based beverage and a line of hot sauces.

The sauces inside our bottles are made from only fresh ingredients.  We grind our own produce, make our own juice and don’t use preservatives, artificial anything, or cheap imported powdered ingredients.  People deserve better, and the buying public is now more informed and smarter than ever.  Our products don’t sit around, my customers average a bottle a month, and they buy into our message.   We are low sodium, gluten free, small farm sourced and focus on making the best sauces and condiments you ever had. 

Consumers and fans of my brand know what we are about, and they participate in being a part of something special.  The intangibles that my brand possesses and the reason we have an ever growing loyal following is that our look, story and flavors are sincere while also being part of the handcrafted food scene that large companies can’t duplicate.  We own a cool factor, a connection to what is exciting to the largest buying segment right now, millennials. They share our story in social media, get involved, volunteer at events, share recipes and feel a part of a family.  I am proud of what I bring to mainstream consumers and members of the military and believe that all of us deserve to eat well.

It all started because my grandfather loved vinegar infused with peppers on his hush puppies, and so I made him a bottle of his own brand, and called it Glover’s Pepper Sauce and made him his own unique label featuring his WWII flight crew photograph on the front.  My friends encouraged me to take my sauces to market, learn how to produce and sell them, and so I accepted the challenge.  In all of my labels I pay homage to my grandfather Bill Glover and all those who’ve served our country.   He flew as the radar man and waist gunner on the B-24J Liberator Bomber “Going My Way” in the Asian theater.  The nose art from his plane has become our logo.   The look of our bottle brings to mind another era, when life was simple and honest, people worked hard, made things from scratch and repaired and cared for what they own rather than just throwing it away and replacing it.  Raising money for good causes and giving a portion of proceeds to veterans was never a marketing decision, it has always been a part of the fabric of who we are as a company.  My grandfathers’ teachings are core to why we believe in excellent product quality, doing things the right way and taking no shortcuts.

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