Our Story

War hero Bill Glover and the birth of a brand

Grandpa Glover

First and foremost you should know, that the heart and soul of Glover’s Pepper Sauce brand, is to make true, natural, homemade inspired flavors that bring the best of the past into the future.  This only happens on a large scale, if you have something new to say.  Every sauce, vinegar, dry rub or bloody mary mix that Jamie Glover have ever made is inspired by my Grandfather, Bill Glover who is still with us at 93.  From growing up working on the family farm, to serving his country in WWII, to becoming a successful architect, businessman, family man and community leader; We give honor to him as we build this company and its vision.  He is so proud.  What he has taught us was to simply know what is important: hard work, family, and service, being helpful, grace, community, belief and honor.

Our Beginnings

The sauce came first and Jamie Glover gave Grandpa his own bottle with his own label.  Being told we should figure out how to sell them came next, and so from 2012-2013 Jamie and his team developed everything from labels, to recipes and did all the groundwork to be able to produce professionally.  Whole Foods accepted us, placed an order and we joined Union Kitchen in Washington DC.  September 2013-May 2015 we developed, produced, distributed, marketed and sold 14,000 bottles of sauces, vinegar and dry rub in shops, groceries, restaurants and at festivals.  In 2015 we made the commitment to change our production methods to prepare for large scale production, brought new members onto our team specializing in co-packing, marketing, business management, promotion and a certified chef for further product development.  Now we are prepared to grow regionally and nationally.

What is important

It is rare in this life that we meet people who build and create things.  When we do, we often get inspired, ask questions and instantly share the experience with the world around us.  Those who create because they are passionate about it, work to support a good cause, and live for the sole love of expression are the projects and products we most love to buy, because it’s real and there is a story behind it.  Even though most of what we buy is from huge corporations, it seems that all around us is a movement towards handcrafted, well made, all natural food products that have a story, a special meaning and are made with heart and love.  This is a good thing, and quite a throwback to how things used to be.  This was the reality of Jamie’s Grandfather’s upbringing on a farm in the 20’s and 30’s.  Everything was all natural, without preservatives, organic and real.  There simply was no other way.  Our brand embraces a dedication to that time, and the way things should be.


“The first label was a gift to Grandpa, so he could know how special he is to me. You will see that above here with his flight crew, in front of their B-24J Bomber. He was the radar man and waist gunner. What a man.”

The Story

We began with a desire to make something that would pay homage to the most amazing man Jamie knows, his Grandfather Bill Glover. He taught Jamie everything he knows about working hard, being a gentleman, being honest in words and deeds, saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Most importantly he taught me that true happiness comes from being true to yourself, your friends and your family.

The pepper sauce spent its first two years of existence being given away to anyone I liked, in ever changing generations of development. Jamie would refer to each batch as the next generation and numbered them. He was constantly being told “You need to sell this stuff! It’s great.” And so Jamie did. The first label was a gift to Grandpa, so he could know how special he was to Jamie. You will see that below here with his Grandfather’s flight crew, in front of their B-24J Bomber. He was the radar man and waist gunner. What a man.


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