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$1.50 of every order will go to Sharks4Kids.

Sharks play a critical role in the delicate balance of ocean ecosystems. Yet despite their importance, shark populations are being decimated globally. The rapid decline in populations teamed with the man-eating monster stereotypes sharks have garnered over the years, have left sharks fighting for their survival.

The goal of Sharks4Kids is to create a new generation of shark advocates through access to a dynamic range of educational materials. Curriculum, games and activities will allow teachers to integrate shark education into their science programs on an introductory, intermediate or advanced level. Students can access games, activities and info sheets to satisfy their own curiosity about sharks. Photos and videos from scientists and conservationists bring an exciting element into the classroom and show students the beauty of the ocean.

Sharks4Kids will also fund first hand experiences for students in the South Florida area as well as coordinating classroom visits across the country.

Our team brings together scientists, educators, conservationists and professional videographers to create a unique opportunity for the next generation to learn why sharks need kids and kids need sharks.

Creating the next generation of shark advocates through education, outreach and adventure.

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More than half of the produce America harvests is never consumed.


It is’s mission to make it possible for all gardeners across America to be able to easily find local pantries where they can deliver their excess harvest. This simple act allows each gardener to be part of eliminating food waste, hunger, and malnutrition in their communities. is a nationwide movement reaching out to the 42 million home and community gardeners across America letting them know they no longer need to waste their excess harvest. Launched in 2009, educates, encourages and enables America’s these growers to easily donate their excess harvest to more than 7,600 local food pantries across all 50 states. It built an Internet-based opt-in search engine to make finding a pantry easy.


Now there is a way for Americans in need to get freshly grown food without the need for storage, refrigeration, trucks, pickup or delivery.


With, the cost of the food and the logistics of warehousing and moving it, the two costliest parts of traditional food programs, vanish. The value of this bounty is over $27 million and its impact over $170 million.’s model makes every dollar go far – very far. Code: AmpleHarvest


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