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Glover’s Sauces Launch With a Goal To Give To The Community

Glover’s Sambal Sauce and Glover’s Bloody Mary are being presented for the first time.  The owner Jamie Glover has developed the “Sauce for a Cause” Initiative that focuses on giving a portion of profits to nonprofits that make a difference for veterans, children and young adults.

Farmer Veteran Coalition

Mack Alive




Glover’s Sauces has selected to support the following nonprofit causes and is giving $1.50 off the top of every bottle bought online over the holiday season. Donations go directly to a consumer’s choice of either  the nationally established Farm Veteran Coalition; creating careers for veterans OR the Detroit based Mack Alive; that works to improve the lives of young adults and Shark4Kids; Creating the next generation of shark advocates through education, outreach and adventure or; Connects gardeners to a nationwide network of food banks where they can donate their fresh fruit and vegetables.


After two years building a brand and a line of unique sauces, vinegars and rubs, Glover’s Sauces ( is introducing a new brand of sauces to the national market with a mission of giving back to the community.  Glover’s is a family owned company, created behind a great story, and a tradition of using carefully selected ingredients and creating complex handcrafted products.


About Glover’s Pepper Sauce

Glover’s Sauces ( is a family owned company, created in honor of the owner’s Grandfather who served in WWII.  The lessons of that generation are of tradition, hard work, self reliance, the value of family, the honor of your word, and that if it’s worth doing – do it right.  So according to Grandpa’s teachings the owner, Jamie Glover carefully selects high end ingredients from small farms, everything is handmade, there are no artificial ingredients, or preservatives. True flavors never lie.


Jamie started his company in the food entrepreneurs’ incubator Union Kitchen in Washington DC.  This community of local food artisans was the perfect home to create a full line of sauces and condiments. In a testament to quality, the first customer of Glover’s Sauces was the DC area’s Whole Foods local program.  He is full of passion for what he does, and it can be infectious.


We hope you try the first National Release of Glover’s Sambal Sauce and also our Bloody Mary Sauce/Mix/Drink.  These have been developed over many months by people who care about doing something well the right way.  Our fans feel it is about time they were appreciated.

“I have never had anything quite like it, just amazing”

– Chef Spike Mendelsohn (Top Chef/Iron Chef).


“Home and this delicious edible gift lights up my life & palette, smokey, rich, Sambal”

– Chef Art Smith (Oprah Winfrey’s Personal Chef/James Beard Award Winner)


“Wow man you really hit it this time, but I really need more of that vinegar.”

- Chef Orlando Amaro (Youngest Chef to receive 5 Star Recognition)

“I will never forget what a chef has to say about my creations, because they know the passion”

-Jamie Glover (Owner of Glovers sauces and More)

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