What is Glover’s Pepper Sauce?

Real time test marketing is quaint, and often associated with farmers markets, but we took that intimate approach everywhere.   With the creator in front of new fans in stores, at a booth at festivals, and direct correspondence between online buyers from is a dream for food industry executives.  All of this contact gave James confidence to keep going, people shared ideas of new sauces we should make, we learned directly of what people like and why.  We were accessible and able to connect with real people.  It drives him to this day. We built a following, sold it directly to gourmet grocery stores and put it on the table for customers to get into.

Glover's Bloody Mary Mix and Glover's Sambal Sauce have arrived!

My sauces are designed to be used every day.  They are not overly hot, allow you to enjoy your food, and have fun cooking with them or just dipping your food into.  This keeps people coming back, buying them and trying our other stuff.  I make yummy sauces and a Spicy Vinegar, a Bloody Mary Mix, a spice rub and so much more.  I buy the best available peppers on the market, process them fresh andbottle them with care and great attention.  All Glover’s products can be used as a marinade, a sauce, a blend in, or as a dipping condiment.

Listen to how Jamie Glover came up with his amazing sauce on “Spar with Jamila Bey”

My sauces taste and feel as though they have been with us forever.
It’s like coming home.

Join our community of people who enjoy good food, and original products. We want people who enjoy grilling and want something unique in their home – hot sauce junkies who are tired of sauces too lite, or way too hot. We use honest ingredients, patience and skill to bring you a flavor explosion.

Email us at gloverspeppersauce@live.com and help us spread the word.

It’s Glover’s Pepper Relish – otherwise known as Glover’s Pepper Sauce

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